• Our Story

    The Hunter Duo is made up of two friends who have played in some of Melbournes biggest cover bands.

    Having had residencies in the main venues of Melbourne over the past 17 years, the Hunter Duo is well experienced and versatile

    Sam and Stuart deliver a huge sound for only a duo.

    You can choose from several options

    Two acoustic guitars (for more mellow settings, also recommended for entrees and setting the mood)

    One acoustic guitar and electronic drums (to give the songs that extra KICK)

    Or the Hunter trio with drums, bass and electric guitar and three strong voices (full party mode)


  • Band Members

  • Stuart Hunter

    Vocals, Drums and Guitar

    Stuart has been drumming from an early age and fronting bands for the past 15 years. Stuart has worked with Chris Doheny (Geisha, voice of the footy show) Andy Grant and many acts around Melbourne. Stuart's passion for music comes out in his playing and his own vocal versions of the songs.

  • Sam Ford

    Vocals and Guitar

    Sam has performed in many live bands over the years including Quirk, Fuse, Kazif, Awekoustik, and now The Hunter Duo. Many of these were in long term residencies at such famous Melbourne venues as the All Star Café at Crown Casino, The Elephant & Wheelbarrow, and Pugg Mahones. In recent years his focus has turned to corporate, private, and wedding performance, with hundreds of gigs now under his belt. While his main duties are as guitarist, he also performs backing vocals, and occasional lead vocals. Sam has performed alongside Stuart for over 20 years, making their performances together seamless, and exceptionally professional, with the ability to produce full, rich, and amazing sounds from a simple duo set up – or when the occasion arises, as a trio.

  • Denny Brereton


    Denny Brereton, bass, vocals and the quiet man of the trio.  His CV includes some of the biggest cover bands in Melbourne, including Action Sam, 80sEnuff, Battlestar Acoustica, Choir Monkeys and Soda Pop, amongst others.  With his solid groove, he locks in with Stuart’s drums to form a rock solid foundation for the band to explode with rhythm, dynamic and harmony.